What started as a drunken idea in a bar has morphed into this - a fantasy football podcast from me and my mates. The goal: make an interesting and entertaining fantasy podcast that might help you do alright, but hopefully not as well as me. We've heard what's out there, and we reckon we might be able to do just as well as those other duffers, maybe even better.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

LMS Fantasy Podcast Episode 3

I was honoured to welcome the past two Last Man Standing Champions, The Monsieur and Graham into my living room for Episode 3 of the Podcast.

Unfortunately the Corona and Sapporo went straight to my head, and I forgot to ask Graham about the strategy he uses in putting his team together, and then to mention the L.M.S. standings at the end. Had nothing to do with not wanting to give Chairboys any credit - honest.

Highlights include:
  • Graham not getting Mathew's rapist joke.
  • The dog whimpering in the background a couple of times.
  • The ample use of "carnage" throughout.
We review Weeks 4 and 5, Mathew talks us through an article on fantasy, and the terminology of it, from FourFourTwo, and we look ahead to Gameweek 6.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Higashi Rinkan FC Week 3

Ah, the Fantasy Premier League wildcard. Such a confusing, exciting, perplexing thing. So many questions: When to do it? How many players to change? Do you keep under-performing stars you already have in your team? Why do I always feel sick two seconds after I press the "Play Wildcard" button?

Well, if you haven't already guessed, I pulled the trigger for Week 3. I usually like to keep it up my sleeve as long as I can, but in this season of trying to do things differently, an early wildcard was something that went along with that strategy, and the decision was made a little easier by the fact that starting this season we have a second one available in January.

So I'm writing this over a week after the conclusion of Fantasy Premier League Week 3, mainly because it has taken that long for my frustration over a few of the decisions I made to die down. I ended-up with 60 points on the week, 2nd-most in the Last Man Standing, but right now I wish I had another wildcard, because poor choices and bad luck has me wanting to make another 4 changes for Gameweek 4!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LMS Fantasy Podcast Episode 2

It took a few weeks to round people up, but we're back with Episode 2 of the L.M.S. Fantasy Podcast. Once again the Monsieur distinguished himself with his wealth of fantasy advice, and Marrakesh made a barnstorming debut, managing to swear more than the Monsieur and myself put together.

We cover Fantasy Premier League Weeks 1 ~ 3, players that might catch the eye following the closure of the transfer window, and Questions for Kesh, a section of the show that is sure to return due to popular demand in the future.