What started as a drunken idea in a bar has morphed into this - a fantasy football podcast from me and my mates. The goal: make an interesting and entertaining fantasy podcast that might help you do alright, but hopefully not as well as me. We've heard what's out there, and we reckon we might be able to do just as well as those other duffers, maybe even better.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

LMS Fantasy Podcast: Presentation Night Special

Nine managerial gladiators gathered in a cramped room at an izakaya in Machida to drink, eat and wrap up the 10th LMS Fantasy Premier League season.

You'll notice the volume goes up markedly during Part 2, as thats when the beer really started kicking in, but its all good as we honoured the winners from a cracker of a season. This runs almost 31 minutes, make sure you stick around for the 'highlights' at the end!


Thanks for putting up with us throughout the campaign, from humble beginnings this podcast has become about as successful as we could have ever imagined (ie. not very).

We'll be back for the start of the 2011-12 season, that is both a threat AND a promise!