What started as a drunken idea in a bar has morphed into this - a fantasy football podcast from me and my mates. The goal: make an interesting and entertaining fantasy podcast that might help you do alright, but hopefully not as well as me. We've heard what's out there, and we reckon we might be able to do just as well as those other duffers, maybe even better.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

LMS Fantasy Podcast - Cup Semi-Final Draw Special

This podcast is just 15 minutes long, but a perfect example of what the LMS is all about: blokes sitting around getting pissed talking about football. Andy McCarthy took things to a whole other level last night though, and though he may cringe when he hears himself back, for the rest of us its comedy gold.

The affable Irishman was on fire right from the start as you'll soon hear, and though he may have had too much booze, his birdcalls were getting quite good by the end of proceedings. And yeah, he passed out about five minutes after we stopped recording, but we've all been there, haven't we?

The occasion was the LMS Cup Semi-Final Draw, the venue was TGIs in Machida (just for a change), and three of the four managers involved were present. 15 minutes of nonsense!