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Saturday, February 5, 2011

LMS Fantasy Podcast - Cup 1/4 Final Draw Special

With another bumper Gameweek coming up in Week 27 (starting Feb. 12th), Cup Supremo The Monsieur decided that the LMS Cup Quarter Finals would be played that week.

So, a slightly smaller gathering of myself, The Monsieur, Tim and Takeshi braved another night at TGIs to hold and record the draw, and it dished up a doozy of a tie, with Mathew's Sing When Fishing FC drawn to host my Higashi Rinkan FC in the clash of the round.

We first previewed the Gameweek, held the draw itself, and then, in the best interests of neutrality, Tim and Takeshi talked us through the four ties.

Highlights included:
  • Tim doing another James Bond impression;
  • Me saying I had no opinion on that Spanish striker's move to Chel$ki....
  • and then launching a tirade at him;
  • And my rambly reaction to being drawn to face Mathew in the Cup (tired & emotional)