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Monday, December 20, 2010

LMS Fantasy Podcast Episode 8

Better late than never, here's Episode 8 of the Fantasy Podcast. Technical issues almost derailed the whole thing, I was ready to give up on multiple ocassions, but luckily Kesh was on the case and fixed everything, so this is posted three days after it was recorded. As it turns out we didn't miss much, with seven games postponed over the weekend.

Marrakesh and The Monsieur joined me in the living room for a discussion on, amongst other things, how shite our three teams are, and we manged to blab on for just over an hour in a monster five-parter, covering: the last two Gameweeks; results from the LMS Cup Qualifying Round; Questions for Kesh (back by popular demand, you know); a preview of the XMas & New Year slate of games; and a look at the LMS League and Head-to-Head standings.

Highlights included:
  • Kesh launching two seperate tirades against Mario Balotelli.....
  • and then forgetting Wayne Rooney's name
  • Mathew recounting, in horrifying detail, watching a bloke knock one out on a train platform
  • while getting his arse kicked by a 7% Chu-Hi
Nothing from the dog this time, sorry.


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