What started as a drunken idea in a bar has morphed into this - a fantasy football podcast from me and my mates. The goal: make an interesting and entertaining fantasy podcast that might help you do alright, but hopefully not as well as me. We've heard what's out there, and we reckon we might be able to do just as well as those other duffers, maybe even better.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Away we go then....

Well, everyone else is doing it, so I thought I'd start this here blog. Originally, it's purpose was to simply host the Fantasy Football Podcast that Monsiuer Morris convinced me to start (I'm still working on how to get the first episode we recorded August 6th online and on here!), but seeing as though I'm a passionate Liverpool fan and a frustrated season ticket holder at FC Tokyo, I'll be posting about them as well.

I've lived in Japan for the last 10 and a half years, and in 2001 I started a Fantasy Football League, the Last Man Standing, which is into, starting this weekend, its 10th season. Its a 20-team league with most managers living in Japan, but others in Australia, England and Wales. We were ground-breakers in having a seperate Head-to-Head competition and Cup long before the official Fantasy Premier League game introduced them.

So, the Podcast then: we've sat around on many a Friday night, few beers, general chit-chat, but ultimately, the conversation always turns to football, and in particular, fantasy football. You know how it goes: how many changes this week?; who's ya captain?; ah I wish I'd put so-and-so in me team; etc etc, and when The Pride of Grimsby(TM), Mathew the Monsiuer, suggested we make a podcast of conversations like that I thought he was bonkers, but he chipped away and turned me round on the idea.

So that's what we'll try and do, recreate those Friday nights down at TGIs. A few beers and fantasy football chat and opinions - thats what you'll get. Actually, no, you'll only get beer if you choose to have one while listening. We don't claim to be geniuses, and probably won't be giving away too many secrets (we are in a competitive league, after all!) but hopefully our Podcast will inform and entertain.

There you go, then. Play on.........

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