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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Higashi Rinkan FC Week 2

It's half time of the late Saturday game, and here's the look inside my team selection for this, the second week of the fantasy season...
Well I got very lucky last weekend with Drog's hat-trick, which helped me sit in third spot after Week 1, on 62 points, after I had gone to bed on the Saturday night thinking I would be lucky to break 30 points for the week. Those 62 came despite an assist rudely (but correctly) being taken off Essien, and nothing to speak of from my Stoke keeper and defender combo, Stevie, Arteta, Petrov, Defoe and Boselli. So basically, without Drog I would've been royally fecked.

For Week 2, I did give some consideration to bringing in Stephen Ireland, as he could fit in very nicely at Villa, and obviously I would've loved to have either Fibreglass or my personal role-model Robin the *%&$#> in, with the Arse home to Blackpool, but with doubts over their fitness I stuck with Stevie ahead of The Future of Barcelona(TM), and turned to Darren Bent (who ended up doing sweet f#ck all tonight) to replace the injured Defoe.

There was also a formation change, as I fancied Brum to get a clean sheet at home to Blackburn (didn't happen) so put Dann in ahead of Boselli, who dropped in value this week for some daft reason - can't imagine there would've been that many people who had him in in the first place for transfers out to make much of a difference.

I did think hard about using one or both of my Newcastle subs in the XI, but I'm not quite ready to put my trust in them just yet.

Higashi Rinkan FC (4-4-2)
                                           1: Sorensen
2: Evans J                3: Dann                 4: Alex                  5: Shawcross
6: Arteta                  7: Essien                8: Gerrard            9: Petrov
                            10: Bent                        11: Drogba (C)

12: Mignolet
13: Routledge
14: Perch
15: Boselli

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