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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Special LMS Podcast - John W. Henry in Profile

On this, a momentous day for Liverpool fans following Justice Floyd's ruling in the High Court that the board was entitled to go against Dumb & Dumber's wishes in approving the club's sale to N.E.S.V., here is a profile of N.E.S.V. frontman John W. Henry by L.M.S. member Pete MacInnis. This was actually recorded on October 6th for our Fantasy Podcast, but didn't make the final cut as it wasn't fantasy-related. There were also lengthy profiles of H&G, but those numptys are history so that was cut as well and is not relevant now in this new era for all Reds fans.

Pete is a die-hard Red Sox and Reds fan, so was the perfect guy to ask about how this man has worked his way to the top in business, in U.S. sport, and now to the position of owner of The Greatest Football Club in the World (TM).

Things get a little controversial when Pete intimates that our two best players may be off either in January or next summer under Henry's watch, but he does back it up with relevant examples from the Red Sox, and the general mood of things is that Henry and N.E.S.V. worked wonders on the Red Sox, and all Reds everywhere should be optimistic for what the future holds.

A couple of quick corrections: NESN, the network that N.E.S.V. owns to broadcast Red Sox games (amongst other sports) does not show any New England Patriots (NFL) games, and Pete mentions that Henry owned the Florida Marlins in 1999; he actually owned them for four seasons, selling the season before the team won the 2003 World Series.

Easy to listen to below, this Podcast is also available at http://www.archive.org/details/JohnW.HenryForLfc Hope this proves insightful, and thanks again to Pete for his research.

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