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Thursday, October 21, 2010

LMS Fantasy Podcast Episode 5

It was a pleasure to welcome L.M.S. legend Steve King into the lounge room to record Episode 5 of the Fantasy Pod. He's flying high so far this season, so he was more than happy to let me know where it's gone right for him after years and years of it going oh so horribly wrong. He also lets us in on an amazing secret that may go someway towards explaining his lack of success over the years.

It was the first two-man podcast we've attempted, but any worries about how it might go were put to rest as we blabbed on for about 55 minutes, covering the secrets to Steve's early-season success, all you need to know from Week 8 and an in-depth preview of Week 9, where we might have found a differential* or two for you. We finish up by covering the standings in the L.M.S. head-to-head and main league, which, for those of you listening who aren't in the league, you can find here (H2H) http://fantasy.premierleague.com/M/table.mc?id=13046 and here (Main League) http://fantasy.premierleague.com/M/table.mc?id=12534

Highlights of Episode 5 include:
  • the first Colchester United anecdote in a fantasy podcast, ever;
  • Steve's fondness for the term "showed up" (I think he's trying to make it the new "got up");
  • the dog returning from his evening walk;
  • the mrs rattling around in the background making dinner;
  • Steve's bombshell at the 53-or-so minute mark

* - Copyright FourFourTwo

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