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Thursday, October 7, 2010

LMS Fantasy Podcast Episode 4

No need for Takeshi to nick the official Prem music anymore, coz the LMS Fantasy Podcast now has theme music! Pete strummed his guts out and we're quite pleased with the results here in the Ivory Tower.

Anyways, it felt a bit strange podding without the Monsieur, but Pete and Kesh both enjoyed triumphant returns to the living room on Episode 4. We covered Gameweeks 6 & 7, transfers that we've made so far and the LMS H2H and League standings.

No rapist jokes this time. Unfortunately.


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  1. Salama, my name is Baruti Abri, I live in Tanzania. I love English football. My best team is Manchester United. I play the fantasy league aswell. I like your radio show, it helps me to choose my team. Thank you, keep up the work.